Activities for week of July 27th

Greetings Brethren,

Proficiency Study every Monday and Wednesday at 7:00 PM

Second and forth Thursdays Rainbow and DeMolay

Tuesday July 28th we will have an EA Proficiency and a Fellow Craft Degree.

Monday August 3rd Arlington York Rite

Thursday Aug 6 OES Meeting

Saturday August 8th DDGM School at the Lodge
Monday August 7 Arlington York Rite

Tuesday August 11 Stated meeting

Saturday August 22 Pancake Breakfast

Wed September 2 Floor school for DDGM visit

Tuesday September 8 Stated Meeting and DDGM visit

September 26 Pancake Breakfast – Temple work day – Open Potluck luncheon.

September 29 50 + year service awards Arlington 438

Oct 10 TMRC Family day BBQ and booths

We will likely have an EA degree or to coming as well

Don Riney, WM