Many people feel that Masonry has a dubious past or something sinister hidden within it. The following chronological list of Grand Masters and Patrons, from the time of the Anglo-Saxons, will be a decisive testimony that the order contains nothing repugnant to civil or religious liberty.

A.D. 597 Austin the Monk
A.D. 680 Bennet, Abbot of Wirral
A.D. 857 Saint Swithin
A.D. 872 King Alfred the Great
A.D. 900 Ethred, King of Mercia
A.D. 924 King Athelstane
A.D. 957 St. Dunstan, Archbishop of Canterbury
A.D. 1041 King Edward the Confessor
A.D. 1066 Gundulph, Bishop of Rochester
A.D. 1100 King Henry the First
A.D. 1216 Peter de Rupibus, Bishop of Winchester
A.D. 1272 Walter Giffard, Archbishop of York
A.D. 1307 Walter Stapleton, Bishop of Exeter
A.D. 1327 King Edward the Third
A.D. 1357 William of Wykeham, Bishop of Winchester
A.D. 1375 Simon Langham, Abbot of Westminster
A.D. 1413 Hanry Chichely, Archbishop of Canterbury
A.D. 1443 William Waynfleet, Bishop of Winchester
A.D. 1471 Richard Beauchamp, Bishop of Salisbury
A.D. 1485 King Henry the Seventh
A.D. 1493 Kohn Islip, Abbot of Westminster
A.D. 1515 Cardinal Wolsey
A.D. 1549 Edward Seymour, Duke of Somerset
A.D. 1551 John Poynet, Bishop of Winchester
A.D. 1603 King James the First
A.D. 1607 Inigo Jones
A.D. 1625 King Charles the First
A.D. 1660 King Charles the Second
A.D. 1674 George Villars, Duke of Buckingham
A.D. 1685 Sir Christopher Wren
A.D. 1695 Charles Lennox, Duke of Richmond
A.D. 1719 J. T. Desaguliers, LL.D., F.R.S.
A.D. 1721 John, Duke of Montague
A.D. 1722 Philip, Duke of Wharton
A.D. 1726 William O’Brien, Earl of Inchiquin
A.D. 1729 Thomas Howard, Duke of Norfolk
A.D. 1732 Anthony Brown, Lord Viscount Montacute
A.D. 1735 T. Thynne, Lord Viscount Weymouth
A.D. 1736 John Campbell, Earl of Loudon
A.D. 1738 H. Brydges, Marquis of Caernarvon
A.D. 1746 James Lord Cranstown
A.D. 1752 John Lord Carysfort
A.D. 1762 Washington Shirley, Earl Ferrers
A.D. 1767 Henry Duke of Beaufort
A.D. 1772 Robert Edward Lord Petre
A.D. 1777 George, Duke of Manchester
A.D. 1782 H.R.H. Frederick Duke of Cumberland
A.D. 1790 H.R.H. George Prince of Wales
A.D. 1813 H.R.H. Augustus Frederick Duke of Sussex
A.D. 1820 King George the Fourth, Grand Patron