The Way to More Light

After you were raised to a Master Mason, your lodge promised to provide you with all the light it could. Arlington Masonic Lodge continues to strive to accomplish this objective. It has assembled a broad selection of Masonic resources that are available to you as a Mason.

There are presently 1559 catalogued holdings in the library which include books, brochures, pamphlets, magazines and videos. All catalogued for easy reference.

There is an excellent reference library that has Texas Grand Lodge proceedings dating back to the 1800’s as well as York Rite proceedings.

Ranging from Texas Grand Lodge proceedings to current fictional books such as Dan Brown’s “Lost Symbol”, you will find resources for serious researchers and the recreational reader alike.

As with all organizations, certain rules are in place to ensure everyone gets to enjoy this wonderful resource.

A listing of the library holdings is available in a PDF format which makes it very easy to search for a specific book title or author. The latest PDF file is available at the link below.

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Arlington Lodge is committed to growing our library and creating a Masonic resource that we can all be proud of. A resource to provide today’s brethren and those of the future with a place and means to enjoy the Masonic works of the past as well as the present.

This can only happen with the assistance of all the Brethren. The success that the library has enjoyed to date is largely due to the generosity of the Brethren, the dedication of library volunteers and consent of the Worshipful Master.

Make a point of coming to visit and enjoy this great resource. Protect it like it was yours and preserve it for the next generation.

Suggestions for additions or improvement are welcomed.


Library Rules


  1. Please protect and keep books in good condition
  2. Only members of Arlington Lodge #438 are to check books out. If a visiting brother would like to borrow a book, he should get it through an Arlington Mason. The Arlington Brother will be responsible for the safe return of the book.
  3. All books must be checked out in the Library Loan Register.
  4. All columns on the Register must be filled out. (Print legibly, accurately, all columns).
  5. If your contact information changes, contact the Librarian. Your Grand Lodge ID number is requested to assist in this area.
  6. Books can be checked out for a period of one month (30 days) at which time it can be checked out once more. The maximum a book can be checkout to one brother is 60 days.
  7. Books not returned after 90 days will be replaced in the library at the expense of the individual who checked the item out.
  8. Categories A – Proceedings, B – Reference & Y – Video tapes with Yellow dots are not available for checkout. If there is some special reason, contact the Librarian.

Download – The Way to More Light Brochure

Download – Library Inventory